Jun 14, 2015 – ADS-B Position

N833DF Panel

ADS-B Requirements are an FAA mandate to install devices that transmit my position to other airplanes actively, and consume information from those airplanes so I can see them as well. Basically ‘free’ weather and traffic information becomes available to everyone. ¬†That is the dream at least – but reality will be something different.

Since I am required to comply with by Jan, 2020, I am taking my time, but I do plan to commit to a direction and a plan by the first quarter of next year.

Here is the best, baseline option I have found that gets close to what I need.

N833DF Panel2
Right now the leading option will cost around $7,500, and includes:

– Garmin GDL-88
– Flightstream 210
– Garmin Pilot App

PROs – New capabilities include:

  • Wx and traffic on the Garmin 530WAAS
  • Wx and traffic on two iPads
  • Backup AHARS on two iPads
  • Synthetic Vision on the iPads
  • Flight Planning with two way communication (change the 530waas flight plan and the iPads get it…. vice versa)

CONs – Shortcomings include:

    • This ADS-B solution only works below 18,000′ and only in the USA. I don’t go to Canada or the islands at all, but I might like too. ¬†Include 1090 ES would be nice.
    • I’d be forced to use the Garmin Pilot App, and I’m not a fan. Foreflight is my application of choice, and I’m very loyal.
    • I intend to keep the XM weather – it’s more reliable and of better quality. The free weather is not as effective.