Aug 24, 2019 – My days off….

This blog and others like it represent the updates I’ve been sending to my teammates as I go through the training required to get a type rating in the Gulfstream G280 corporate jet. These are intended to help them understand how the training is structured, and be even more prepared than I was.

I was off Saturday and Sunday, and my check-ride was scheduled for early Monday morning. I was still working to understand the FMS, but making stead progress each day. I was still pissed at having to cool my heels for two days, but I did get the chance to observe my partner do his check-ride early in the morning.

His examiner was a Delaware native, and he and I sounded off names and found we walked in similar circles. I enjoyed talking with him.

My partner made one significant mistake, but the ride was continued. I agreed silently that it should have and was glad that it had. I also knew that mine would not have with the FAA in back and an examiner in training evaluating me. That sucks, but it is what it is.

[Redacted Paragraph based on feedback….]

Ground Simulator: After congratulating my partner and seeing him off, I spent the rest of my day in the ground simulator on my own. I not only practiced what I already knew, but actually started branching out and experimenting. The MAP and CHART buttons both were big finds for me, allowing me to quickly reconfigure my screens that more closely resembled what I’m used to in instrument flying. Now I can configure what I want on the fly, and go right back to what the examiners tell me I should be looking at. I was excited to be finally feeling the master of this FMS.

I left for Dinner and the hotel to study for the orals the rest of my evening. I found that I was sick of looking at this stuff and couldn’t put in more than an hour of so. That is usually when I know I’m ready, when I just can stand looking at it anymore.

Sunday the 25th was more of the same. Early morning ground simulator, followed by studying for the orals. I couldn’t do anything more by 3pm, and packed it in. Either I knew it or I didn’t; let’s get this done!

I am finally getting back to filling out the timeline, now that I’m sitting in recurrent on my way to instructor qualifications. I’m going up to check on how to set up the classroom, and my instructor’s invitation, so I’ll get to the check-ride experience shortly. It didn’t go smoothly – I’ll tell you that.  Back soon…..