Nov 24, 2019 – Can’t sit still……

As you know, my PA30 N833DF is coming back with fresh engines and I’m sitting on my hands waiting. No – actually I’m getting caught up on things Beverly needs me to do now, before I leave for training or go to my hangar. I am very excited and looking forward to going flying instead of just working, reading, and enjoying my waterview.

I put up a few Christmas decorations, picked up some paint and other supplies, and assigned a plumbing job out to my volunteer son-inlaw. Good man to jump in there and take that off my hands.

Looking at this table my recently passed father in-law had left to me, I decided it might work quite well as a replacement to a beat up old one that I was trying to use. The desk would hold airplane pre-heater and battery tender equipment while it was in use. I took it apart and loaded up the wife’s van to go visit the hangar.

I hadn’t seen Hangar 22 in months and it was nice to be back. Cars were everywhere and airplanes were going flying. I was there to swap desks, so I opened up the door and got busy. I loaded the old desk into the van, and eventually cut it into burnable pieces for Scot’s fire pit. The new one is in place, and I’ve ordered retractable casters that will allow me to roll the desk from the side of the hangar to the center front when I’m using the heaters and tender.

Waking up way too early this morning, I reviewed some of the test flight videos I’d put out there since the airplane came back in January of this year. You will hear lots of wishful thinking in this and other 2019 test flight videos (one linked below) concerning the autopilot, engine vibration, and a few other things. After extensive testing all year, I confirmed mechanical vibration in both engines, and an autopilot control head that had internal issues. I have not taken any short cuts in correcting all identified issues, and my intention is to achieve a zero squawk and high quality aircraft on the line very shortly.

Beverly and I have a few things going on today, but I’m headed upstairs for a bit to simulate approaches on my home simulator. Later today I’ll re-activate my sirius weather and update my Jeppesen data card. I’ll also order a new Canada sticker so that when we come on line, we’ll come equipped.

I’ll make a point of doing a video shortly after the first few flights. I’m so ready for this.  Thanks Beverly, for your continued support of this significant investment.

Fly Safe!