December 18, 2013 Night Flight in Winter

I drove down to Georgetown tonight to take advantage of the reasonable weather and fly the airplane home.

I departed GED in daylight with the temperature around 35 degrees F. The engines started just fine, but the left engine wants the cold start to be with mixture full rich. I warmed up for about 15 minutes, before taxiing out for runway 22.

On the way up north, IFR, I flew two ILS01 precision approaches into Dover AFB. The same weak points on approach briefings are still there. I caught them, but it took more time than it should have. Both approaches went fine, but more practice is needed.

Next up and last up was the GPS27 into 33N.  I did a procedure turn in the hold that went just fine, and flew the non-precision approach – also just fine. The landing occurred just as it became dark, and my flare seemed quite a bit high.  The landing itself was smooth and not an ‘arrival’, but here again I felt rusty.

Frank has to get busy flying more.