Aug 1, 2019 – G280 Training Day -4

I plan on adding short write-ups for each training day to track my progress. I have a huge fear of failure with these things, and want to capture the experience for what will eventually become a book – maybe.

Note: I know I am being overly dramatic on little things that annoy me. This blog includes some of that too. I’m working on managing stress and the reactions to it. I know that I’ve been complaining loudly about little things, and my friends and co-workers put up with it. Bare with me.  

I am not a second class citizen. It is four days before training begins in Dallas. Having just an hour ago successfully completed my recurrent check-ride, I decided to re-check my SIM schedule for the upcoming training. I am concerned that FSI will gladly give its own employees the least desirable schedule in favor of the clients. I understand that conceptually, but am not willing accept that premise when they are keeping me away from home and expecting me to meet the very same challenges and proficiency the clients will.

Don’t set me up for failure.

Ugly Schedule:  I come to find out that my SIMs were recently moved from starting at 3pm and ending at 8pm, to now being scheduled to start at 8pm and ending after midnight. Six days in a row. That is a big problem for me, and it just won’t work.

The problem is that I wake up everyday at 4am and can’t get back to sleep. Regardless of when I go to sleep, I’m up at 4am. Years of a strong work ethic are to blame, and more recently, my mother in-law can be heard on the monitor moaning loudly around that time. Bev and I have had interrupted sleep for 2 years now. I can’t change that easily in a week.

So I let my new PM, Mike, know that I had an issue with the schedule. He promised to look into it and make and effort to change it. I suggested starting at 4am would be better for me. If Mike is unable to make a change, I’ll do my best to find sleep and won’t say another word. What I will do is call out sick on day 3 if I’m getting over-tired. I also have no intention of taking a check-ride with no sleep. Nope. As it is, this schedule will be a significant handicap, and I’ll probably mention it to someone when I get there.  Probability – 100%.

I finished up with that drama and went to a differences class on the Astra we fly versus the SPX that Dallas has. It was scheduled to end at 2:30, but Lloyd trained me on all of the content. I got out an hour or more late, and had to get the Harley moving towards home between thunderstorms. Lloyd is an awesome guy – consummate professional.

I’ll pack today; family reunion tomorrow; travel day Sunday.

Fly Safe!