Frank E. Dorrin Jr
Cell: (302) 547-0934

Retired electric utility Director, System Operation & Network Ops Center Manager, and Sr Engineer for the Pepco Holdings Inc family of utilities. There I enjoyed a 35 year career filled with successful projects and relationships. What a wonderful opportunity that set me up to realize a life-long dream.

In June, 2014, I made the bold move to retire at the young age of 56 years, and pursue a career flying airplanes commercially. I accepted a position with Piedmont Airlines flying as a First Officer on the Dash-8. Six weeks of training in the classroom and simulators down in Charlotte, and I was on the line and flying. I’m out there now, learning something new everyday from some very fine Captains.

My aviation experience includes Single and ATP Multi engine Instrument Flight Instructor with varied experience teaching and flying in general aviation airplanes for over 25 years.  Occassional pilot for both Angel Flight East and the Veterans Airlift Command, though I have to admit to not having time to engage in that activity currently.

I learned how to manage and care for aircraft as the previous owner of a nicely equipped 1981 Piper Warrior II. I had flown N8260Y about 1500 hours getting to places like Key West, Escanaba (MI), and South Dakota. My wife and I even commuted daily in this airplane for one summer, adding significantly to my IFR confidence and depth of experience.

In keeping with my desire to continue learning everything I could about aviation, I decided I needed an ATP license. I had accomplished all of the other ratings that interested me up to this point, so it was a natural progression. I headed up to the ATP school in Connecticut, and absolutely aced the oral and check-ride. It helped very much that I had and used an FAA approved simulator in my basement to prepare.

With my multi-engine ATP in hand, I decided that the only way to truly master a light twin was to upgrade to one. I needed to build multi-time if I was to be able to compete for whatever aviation jobs I might fall into. Part-time or not. I did the research to narrow down the candidate aircraft types to the Seneca, Travel-Air, Cougar, and Twin Comanche. In September of 2009 I sold the Warrior II and purchased N833DF, a 1967 Piper Twin Comanche – PA30B.

The Twin Comanche is a sophisticated machine, for sure, burning less than 16gph to deliver 170+ kts TAS at 8000′.  In the years since I’ve purchased it, I’ve replace all four rubber fuel bladders with new (it has six tanks – two metal auxes and four rubber), updated existing landing and beacon lights to LEDs, added wing strobes (not required but definitely desirable), overhauled props and gear systems (push-rod and electrical), gutted the interior and put in fresh leather, and customized my instrument panel around the Aspen EFD and Garmin 530 WAAS. Also added glide-slope coupling, iPad plates, a panel mounted Garmin 496 for weather, new intercom system, and many other goodies. I have since used this machine to build 700 hours and a respectable amount of experience flying twins.

Notable aviation experiences/adventures include:

  • Piedmont Dash-8 training – my first type rating
  • King Air BE-200 Sim Based training
  • King Air C-90 Sim Based training
  • King Air C-90 Corporate Flying – briefly
  • Cirrus SR20/SR22 Instructor
  • Tail-dragger rating in a brand new Citabria
  • Aerobatic training in the Pitts-S2B
  • VFR formation flying in a Texan AT6 with a P-51 Mustang
  • Simulator and actual flight in the Falcon 900
  • Seaplane Rating and aggressive training at Cherry Bottom Fishing Camp
  • Glider Training in Tahoe – soled in 5 flights
  • Helicopter Introductory Flights

I hold an engineering degree (BSE) from Widener University and I am a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. Positions I’ve held with Atlantic Electric, Delmarva Power, Conectiv Energy, and PHI (all same parent company) have included:

  • Manager – Control Systems and Network Operations, PHI
  • Project Manager – Network Operations Center Implementation, PHI
  • Director – Information Technology, Conectiv Energy 2008-2010
  • Manager, Application Development, Conectiv Energy  1998-2008
  • Consulting Application Developer, Conectiv Energy 1997-1998
  • Senior Engineer, Corporate Planning, Delmarva Power & Light 1992-1997
  • Various Engineering assignments, Delmarva Power & Light 1981-1992
  • Jr Engineer, System Operations, Atlantic City Electric 1980-1981

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