August 18, 2014 – Few Days Off

My supervised operating experience training is continuing normally from what I can tell. My SOE Captain is smooth and very fast. I am learning something with every flight and continually more able to keep up.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with Beverly on my off days.  For the first time in two months I am consistently able to sleep and feel rested in the morning. I’ve missed that. Wondering aloud whether or not the stress I put myself under to reach my own expectations is typical, or if I could have done this more smoothly. No way to tell, but it doesn’t really matter. That is how I drive my own performance.

Went over to check on my airplane, but the prop governor that leaked still isn’t back. Next weekend I’ll be doing that flight for sure. They rebuilt my Georgetown hangar and it’s wonderful!! I dropped the other hangar up north, and that will be a nice savings.

Hanging out at the pool last few days – and heading north to get my bicycle for more exercise this morning. I’m liking this hanging out at the beach more. Took a 5.5 miles walk yesterday just to clear the mind.

As for flying – My SOE Capt. told me his only advice would be to slow down – I’m trying too hard. Given that, I think I’m doing just fine so far. I have 20 cycles toward my 100 high min requirement, and I’m half way to the minimum SOE cycles. Just a few more trips into CLT and PHL and I’ll improve my performance there too.

Did a low vis takeoff from HTS that I could have set takeoff power more smoothly on – but the ILS on the other end at CLT was hand flown (I think) quite well after a mismatch in flight directors led to turning off the autopilot. The Capt.said nothing – so I take that as a positive.

Landings are getting better, but I have to work more on precise centerline placement. I think I’m going to make it.

Big beach party with another group of friends to close out the summer next weekend. This will be with lots of boats on the C&D Canal south of Wilmington, DE. Turns out that I’m off for that day, so this will be cool.

Have a fantastic day!!!