Flight to Owen’s World

Bev and I slept late today. We had dinner last night with Phil and Marguerite at the Riverfront. This morning, we took our good ole time waking up, and decided to fly over the DC and visit with Owen and his parents.

At first, Owen was not pleased with visitors and expressed his displeasure. After an hour or so, he got used to us and we had a nice visit. Can’t complain too much about a six month old.

This was Bev’s first ride in the newly redone PA30. It was a great day to do it. The air was smooth and clear – and we made it over to 2W5 in little more than a half hour. This is a nice airport with no fees. Easy in and easy out. Everyone treats us wonderful there. Frank III picked us up and dropped us off.

Like in Punta Gorda last week, arriving at 2W5 (Maryland Airport) I tagged someone off the runway I could see to help me merge into the traffic pattern. I shadowed that airplane onto the downwind leg. That worked fine getting in there between a Diamond and a Skylane.

From there, we flew to GED to prepare the beach house for painting.
Coming back to Georgetown, we had plenty of fuel by the time we got there. Topped all the tanks in preparation for Tampa on Thursday.

Nice flight with Bev and a great down-time day.