Maintenance Update / Florida Trip 2/1/12

Georgetown Aero did a great job fitting in a flap adjustment, new fuel door fastener, adjusted nacelle caps, and of course – ordering and replacing that weak AI.

I was second guessing myself on how bad the AI was, but after seeing the newly overhauled unit – the old one was trash. Good call.

I did a short flight toward 33N from KGED, but turned around and went back. Unfortunately, the new one is not sending a clear signal to my autopilot, and caused a massive pitch up when turned on. Yes I should have tested on the ground with the standard A/P pre-flight. NO – I did not.

I did, however, arrange the post maintenance flight in daylight and alone, so thats something from a previous ‘lessons learned’ that stuck.

Replacement to the replacement overnighted this afternoon, and will be at the shop tomorrow. I’ll not wait for it though, and will only swap it out if I also have to wait out enroute weather.