Dec 2, 2015 – Re-qualifying Right Seat

Flew down on the flight of shame Tuesday, Dec 2 to Charlotte. I had a 6 am session already scheduled before I withdrew, and it was unclear how they’d move things around to requalify me. What they tried to do was put my former partner in the back to observe, with his new partner (another FO). That would have made an embarrassing situation worse, but I was ready to deal with it.

Thankfully, he declined. I was paired with a good Captain that was new to training and we started our 2 hour session. Based in Philly, we did a departure from the gate with all the associated flows, triggers and checklists. Departing there we came back for a non-precision approach to PHL with a circle to land on 27L.  Missed approach and we were vectored to a hold.  From there we lost an engine and secured it, followed by a single engine ILS Z 17 to a single engine missed approach. Some other things were thrown in there, and we ended up landing with two engines.

The landing in the simulator was really smooth. It is all about flying the ref speeds.

At the end of the ride, they needed to talk with the head of training. All indications are that I was good to go, but it is in his hands. Weather was low everywhere, and his flight was delayed. I talked with training and was cleared to start home. CLT to BWI, and then a 2 hour bayrunner ride home was better than hoping a 2 leg flight would actually fly.

Enroute, the head of training called to tell me that an SOE ride would also be in order. I didn’t think that was necessary, but in retrospect, wasn’t a bad idea. I continued home deflated and not feeling real good about things.

After dead-heading up to PHL the next day I met up with a familiar Captain and F/A for my next phase on re-qualifying. PHL to RIC and RIC to PHL legs were both mine. I did well throughout, and my landings were excellent. Gusting crosswinds maybe 12G19 made it interesting but not a particular challenge.

The last leg home was PHL to SBY. The Captain could tell I was not feeling great about all this, and we talked a bit. It wasn’t a perfect last leg home, with him flying, but we got through it.

I am re-qualified at this point and back on the schedule as an F/O.  Still thinking about next weeks flying,