October 20, 2014 – PA30 Refinishing

Bev and I are driving up to Smoketown airport to see my Twin Comanche in the middle of being refinished and painted. My first airplane, a Piper Warrior II imagewas stripped and repainted at the same facility in 2004, so I’m excited to see the transformation.

The Warrior II took awhile to get accomplished, but the end result was absolutely wonderful. imageWhat an amazing machine that was. One that I expected it to be the last airplane I’d ever need. Little did I know I’d be owning a twin, and flying a turboprop full time just 15 years later.

By tomorrow night, I hope to have taken quality pictures of the stripped airplane just prior to the skin repairs being made to correct hail damage. the control surfaces have already been re-skinned, imageso this will give me a chance to document the state of the airplane and the the quality of the finishing work.

Life is good.  Fly safe.