Cheers for the weekend….

Looks like the auto-pilot and AI are playing well together. N833DF flew wonderfully in VFR and light plus turbulence this weekend. Flew a coupled approach on the GPS23 into SBY, then did some spirited crosswind landings into Georgetown and Delaware airpark. I must say I’ve gotten my touch back –┬ákissing the runway with the wheels; except for that one at 33N.

When arriving at Delaware Airpark (33N) with the winds are out of the north and strong, you can expect mechanical turbulence in the last 25′ or so above the touchdown zone; then all of the sudden you drop out of the sky and kerplunk, or you get sideways all the sudden and have to ‘do the dance’… It’s not that dramatic, but a useful set of words to tell you I arrived less than gracefully.

I ended Saturday with the airplane back in the hangar at Georgetown. I’ll run down the prop guy this week and get a health recheck on that leaky left prop. Then I should be good through the annual in May. I’ll leave it here for the ‘snow storm’, and use the truck.

Scot helped me (more like I helped him) get my 2 ton couch into my truck. He covered it and got it all tied down so that I could take it north Sunday morning. It is bound for my sisters new apartment next weekend. Sunday morning, I drove north and put the truck and the couch into my hangar at 33N, and then drove the Mustang back south.

Bev and I spent Sunday and will spend Monday morning re-arranging the beach place. We just had it painted, so now we are re-arranging furniture; re-hanging curtains; and expanding our network capability. I need to add a network switch, but all the cat 6 has been run today (I spent some time under the house before the precip got here).

I expect to be working too hard to play until next weekend. Looking forward to getting on the Goldwing again too, so you can have the balance of winter on my account….