Jul 22, 2016 – Oshkosh Bound Update

Oshkosh Preparations: Bev will not be going on this trip to Oshkosh with me. We just got back from a long drive to Orlando and back with Chris & Raquel; and four of my grandchildren.  We decided not to fly down and back because we’d have the opportunity to stop in Charleston on the way down. We really had a good time with the grandchildren, and spending time with people we love.

The trip was a long drive and tired everyone out by the time we got home. Bev will be staying home to spend time with her folks and rest up. We have other trips and obligations coming up in a few weeks.

Another one of my grandchildren, Jacob, will be coming with me to enjoy the show. I’m looking at the weather with an eye on arriving Sunday, but it may be IFR and rain that day. Doesn’t look like there are any IFR reservations available, so if it is IFR there, I’ll push our arrival to Monday.

Getting the airplane ready: Matt took great care in showing me how to change my oil and complete my ADs, resetting the clock to another 50 hours of flying. He was patient with me, and is giving me the confidence that I’ll be able to significantly manage my costs and operational scheduling now that I’m retired. We have a beautiful airplane, and I am looking forward to several more years of ownership. What a machine!

Panchito Flight: I was tapped to do a repositioning flight on 7/21/16 and was excited to be building more experience in the B-25. With my PA30 all ready for Oshkosh, I planned to be home in Smyrna, and ride the motorcycle down to KGED to do the flight. Riding a motorcycle down to an airport to fly a B-25 is a pretty exciting way to spend a day.

Unfortunately, plans changed. The airplane will get moved a day later at a significant fuel savings, since it is on the way to Oshkosh anyway. Makes sense operationally, but I was admittedly disappointed.

I did an unplanned Flight in my airplane when I stopped to do my own post-maintenance test flight. I didn’t want the first long flight to be with my grandson aboard, so I planned to burn some fuel off the full tanks with an hour flight or so. I pulled the airplane out as a friend was doing the same with his twin comanche.

His airplane developed a fuel issue, so I offered to take him through the mission he had to fly. We ended up putting 4.5 hours of flying in that day, flying from Georgetown to Dubois, PA to Somerset, NJ and back. He graciously helped with the fuel and I got to fly my amazing machine before going home to Bev.

At this point – I have my weight and balance figured out, and will collect my grandson this afternoon. We’ll head to the beach, and be ready to depart Sunday if the weather allows a VFR arrival into KOSH.

Looks like I’ll be doing the museum and some kids activities this year, with the intent of infecting Jake with a love of aviation.

Fly safely on the way to Oshkosh.