On Friday 11/9/12, Bev and I flew to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. I didn’t get video on the way down, but the flight can be viewed here on YouTube.

Up until the day before, we really hadn’t decided what we would do to celebrate.  Bev came up with a way to get away with the airplane; spend some quality time together; and get back in time to take Susan and Owen out to dinner.

The flight down was smooth as glass and the temperature perfect.  We left the house at our leisure around 8am, and were having a cup of coffee in the Merchant Square at Williamsburg by 10am. The cab cost $25. for the round trip and was very convenient. $8. for the tie down fee at JGG.

This is the first time I’d flown the Twin Comanche into JGG.  Not sure why I don’t fly in there more often. Bev and I both enjoy the area, and Mike and Yvonne don’t live far from there.  This time we were only there for four hours, so we didn’t get over that way.

Very nice way to spend the day.  We’ve decided to do a trip a month from this point forward, so I’ll take the ball and pick the next destination.

By fdorrin

Fully retired now, unless something interesting comes along. I’ve enjoyed a lucrative career as an Electrical Engineer, Certified Software Solutions Developer, and Project Manager. An excellent and fun career that I’m very proud of. I began flying commercially in Dash-8 aircraft for Piedmont Airlines, and moved on to instruct in the Gulfstream 280; WestWind; and Astra jet aircraft. I’ve also been blessed with a type rating in the B-25 bomber in a fortunate turn of events. My wife, Beverly, and I currently own and operate a beautifully restored PA30 Twin Comanche, which we use to explore the CONUS.