The winter season, especially February, is simulator season. The days are short; the nights bitter cold; and the wear and tear on engines and components in those conditions looms at the front of my mind. I’m old and have done enough flying in the winter to know how much extra work it is.

Bev wants the sim room back to use as a guest room, so we are finishing the basement to enable her to evict me (and the simulator and the elliptical machine). Scot suggested finishing the basement and using space we already have. He had some really good ideas, including modifying the stairway down into the area, and even offered to help me do it. Very much appreciated – I’m pumped. Picked up supplies today and framing starts next Sunday.

The primary purpose of the room will be simulation and excercise room (weights and elliptical). In order to do this right and ensure we actually use the room, we will be adding an additional HVAC system; electric supply; nice flooring; wall mounted TV/Monitor; and multiple network connections.

By fdorrin

Fully retired now, unless something interesting comes along. I’ve enjoyed a lucrative career as an Electrical Engineer, Certified Software Solutions Developer, and Project Manager. An excellent and fun career that I’m very proud of. I began flying commercially in Dash-8 aircraft for Piedmont Airlines, and moved on to instruct in the Gulfstream 280; WestWind; and Astra jet aircraft. I’ve also been blessed with a type rating in the B-25 bomber in a fortunate turn of events. My wife, Beverly, and I currently own and operate a beautifully restored PA30 Twin Comanche, which we use to explore the CONUS.