Nov 13, 2018 – AirDorrin Adds Security

I’m becoming more aware of what I pay GoDaddy to host the website, and they wanted another $79 to add SSL.  I need to add that because I’m getting questions about the ‘Not Secure’ warning that Google tagged me with.

That made me do research and learn more about coding – and I resent that. I really don’t want to learn any more about coding than I’ve already forgotten. I found a way (through Google and YouTube, it pains me to say) to add the required security in the least painful way, and expect to lose the scarlet letter tagging in a day or so.

I’m adding SSL to the website using CloudFlare, which will sit right on top of my GoDaddy site without having to spend $79 to add SSL through GoDaddy. It’s a shared SSL and I really don’t know what that means other than mission accomplished.

When it comes time to renew my DOMAIN hosting, I may even find it to be less expensive with CloudFlare.

Without adding this feature, google would eventually block my site out entirely. Kind of makes sense, so I took care of it.

Look for a seamless change in the next few days if I’ve done this correctly.

Fly Safe.