I was reading an article in Aviation Consumer tonight, and it talked about buying used airplanes with glass panels. It went on to alert the buyer to the varying needs for continued maintenance and other actions to ensure the glass remained airworthy.

That reminded me to have a look at the Garmin 530W and the Aspen EFD1000 paperwork. Turns out I installed those two on November 18, 2009. The Aspen requires that the emergency battery be replaced every three years, so I’ll make those arrangements in the morning. The Garmin 530W is fine.

While its up there, I’ll have the firmware and software checked and updated on both the Aspen and the Garmin 530W.

By fdorrin

Fully retired now, unless something interesting comes along. I’ve enjoyed a lucrative career as an Electrical Engineer, Certified Software Solutions Developer, and Project Manager. An excellent and fun career that I’m very proud of. I began flying commercially in Dash-8 aircraft for Piedmont Airlines, and moved on to instruct in the Gulfstream 280; WestWind; and Astra jet aircraft. I’ve also been blessed with a type rating in the B-25 bomber in a fortunate turn of events. My wife, Beverly, and I currently own and operate a beautifully restored PA30 Twin Comanche, which we use to explore the CONUS.