I’m bored-Seaplane Rating

First – I had a bad landing the other day. Gusty crosswind no where near my limits, but I wasn’t paying enough attention and had to correct quite a bit in the final few seconds. It ended well, but was a poorly executed approach. Thats how you dent airplanes – complacency.

I’m really looking for an aviation challenge. Construction starts this morning on the simulator room, and I’m really looking forward to firing that up this winter. I would love to have an even more capable simulator at some point, but the one I have works very well.

Seaplane rating. I think I’ll be taking a week of my vacation at some point to fly to Florida and get a seaplane rating. It was either that or a glider rating, and I can do the later up north at almost any time. Getting a Helicopter rating is more of a commitment than I am looking for at the moment. I’ll keep those funds in reserve to care for the twin comanche.

I may talk a friend or two into coming along for the seaplane rating, but won’t have any problems doing it on my own. I need the challenge….

Skydiving anyone?