Jan 9, 2020 – Waiting for N833DF

Yes – I’m still waiting for my airplane. I had been hoping to fly in December, but one of the fuel controllers didn’t get overhauled properly, or was jarred in transit. It went back to Penn Yan just as my A&P, Paul, went on a holiday vacation to Florida.

An additional complication was the mixture cable on the left side that I’d previously squawked hadn’t been addressed. Paul noted it was still a real problem. the issue is that the opportunity to do it while the airplane was apart was lost, so he’ll have to take it apart again now and replace the cable as I’d requested. He is going to do that now that the airplane is down for a bit longer.

Meanwhile, I’m heading back to Dallas for G280 instructor experience for the next few weeks, so it will be February by the time we get airborne. Patience Frank, patience.  I really want to fly.

What will the future hold? It needs to hold more flying, that’s for sure. Either contract flying, or time off to travel in N833DF.

I am looking to develop opportunities that would encourage this. I may never take advantage of any of them, but it pays to look around and be ready in case one comes along. Work is encouraging us to fly and offered to set us up with a contract pilot vendor. I’m not impressed with that service, so I’ll wait to hear the feedback from others.

I have faith that I’ll fall into an opportunity that will allow me to fly something fun every now and again. Wouldn’t it be nice to fly a King Air out of Wilmington 2 times a week and have the rest of the time off? How about flying somewhere to pick up Astra or G280 trip to break up the monotony? Cool to think about. I do not want a full time flying job that keeps me in hotels and away from home allot.

N833DF is coming back soon, God willing. In the meantime, Bev continues to provide 24×7 care to my mother in-law. Mom is in hospice and amazingly continues to struggle along. Once those two variables resolve themselves, Beverly and I will be looking to get out of the house! Either the airplane or the Harley will be waiting for the occasional jaunt, and that might be enough to add variety to the FSI experience for Frank. We’ll see how that goes, but it should be coming about as the Dallas travel comes to an end.

The key for my FSI future is quality of life. I trust that my current PM understands this. He is a good man for this job.

To hopefully flesh out alternatives, I did change my LinkedIn profile as a means for getting the word out in a more cogent manner. Enthusiastic aviator actively seeking opportunities to fly. Currently a full time Gulfstream G280 and Astra Flight Instructor/Examiner. Typed in the G280, Westwind, Astra, Dash-8, and B-25 Mitchell Bomber. Trained in King Air C90 and BE200.

Piper Twin Comanche owner and active GA pilot with a strong work ethic and a solid business background.‘  Don’t hesitate to mention my name to your pilot friends. You never know…..

YouTube update: I have my own PA30 videos out there, but watched my friends Gary and Mike both doing a better job at building videos than I do. Those are fun projects to get involved in, so I updated my software and purchased another GoPro camera – the GoPro 8 Black. Once I get going again, my first new project will be to put all the pictures I’ve collected during the maintenance work over the last 3 years on N833DF into a timeline movie; voiced over by yours truly.

After that, I’ll play with the idea of video blogging like some of the motorcycle followings I enjoy. It may go somewhere or nowhere, but I’ll be having some fun and learning some new things.

Meanwhile – I’m counting the days until I get my airplane back. It cannot be soon enough. I am acutely aware that I’ll start flying during the very month I normally abandon the effort. February is typically too damn cold to fly, and just no fun at all. I don’t care now – I’m going anyway.

Fly safe!