Bev and I, based on a blog she read while still at Oshkosh this year, decided to write down all the things we had taken, and all those things we wish we had taken (*)  this year to enhance our camping experience.

  • Tent (8 man 8×12 worked great)
  • 4 folding chairs
  • air mattress and an air pump
  • 2 sleeping bags
  • lamp – led light
  • flashlights
  • tarp for under the tent
  • fold up cooler
  • water jug (small red/white) – [discuss – I think an empty milk jug is better, or a large and empty water container that can be filled there.
  • * 2 britta water bottles with filters
  • hats
  • suntan lotion
  • * fanny pack (bev)
  • Cameras with extra batteries
  • sunglasses
  • * business cards – to exchange contacts with other pilots
  • ponchos
  • * motorcycle rain suits
  • * paper back books (electronic charging is a challenge)
  • * deck of cards
  • * small portable radio
  • * Warm Beer. I don’t associate beer with flying, so I ignored suggestions to bring that along. Turns out that having a beer while you sit by the runway is just fine. Just be discrete. You can have a beer on the grounds, but only after 5pm and you have to stay at the food place you purchased it from.
  • *Hair Dryer
  • *Coleman propane grill
  • *coffee pot or water pot
  • *coffee bags (like tea bags)
  • *food (cooked turkey burgers, etc)
  • *umbrellas
  • *warm and hot clothing
  • *Shade Tent
  • *** Some way to pack WET camping gear. Had it rained the morning of departure, it would have made my airplane a MESS. Think about this and prepare.
  • empty garbage bags to stow wet gear
  • shower bags. water proof small bags to take you towel and toiletries to the shower and back.
  • water shoes
  • * nice sign that won’t blow away – ‘Dorrin’s live here….’ etc.


You can buy ice out there. There is a truck coming around many times a day selling bags of ice for coolers.


Things to purchase:

  • Small portable scale for weight and balance
  • Solar charging method

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