August 3, 2013 – People and vendors to catch up with

Some of the folks I’d like to touch base with, and maybe see out there next year. Mind you, this is not an exclusive list, but like the camping list, I want to keep a running checklist of who to talk with about this.

I am so glad that we went, and pleased Bev and I enjoyed it so much together.

  • Randall: our neighbor in VAC with the cardinal (I have his card)
  • Mark: our neighbor with the PA30
  • Jeff Frey and his family
  • Mike and Kim – comeon’ let’s go
  • Julie from work (horsemoney)
  • Garrett
  • Tres and Janice
  • Gary Mascelli
  • Dodd Stretch – Airtex
Vendors I should catch up:
  • Elite Simulators
  • Aspen PFDs
  • Lightspeed Headsets
  • GoPro (see NFlightcam discussion)
  • International Comanche Society
  • Foreflight – planning software
  • Garmin – potential 530W replacement
  • JPI – engine monitoring
  • Penn Yan – engine rebuilding
  • RedBird – flight simulation
  • iPad stuff


I’ll keep adding to this list as I remember others I should touch base with.