January 6, 2014 Maintenance, Continuous Improvements; and the Jeff Inspiration

The PA30 had a few repairs in December, including replacing the oleo seal on my left main gear. It is currently down again for the same problem, only this time we found a crack in the trunion. I haven’t lost much flying time as a result, however, because of cold and wet weather and the fact that I’ve been working hard to help Scot build out my man cave downstairs. The man-cave is built to house my simulator, and the more that gets done down there, the more excited I get.

Kudos to Rob and the guys at Georgetown Aero, who understand how I operate and keep returning me to the air in a reasonable time-frame.  They found a place to fix my issue and shipped an equivalent part four days ago, even though the shop in Utah was closed for the holidays and wouldn’t reopen until 1/6/2014.  It is conceivable that this could reduce my downtime and get my rebuilt gear part headed back to me in a week or so. Time will tell, but I like the creative thinking and initiative taken.

I’ve finished the ‘Redefining Airmanship’ book, and found it to contain 85% of stuff I do already, 10% ideas of where to look for rust and complacency, and the rest were ideas about improving my approach to flying. The concepts it contained were actually useful to not only flying, but to my work at PHI and even to my driving. Why is it that I find it easier to yield and be continuously courteous in an airplane, but not so much in a car? Interesting.

I read a blog by my friend Jeff F.  relating all the airports he has visited in 2013.  There were a good number spread radially around his home in Illinois. I reminisced about doing exactly that earlier in my flying career, and Bev and I talked some about using Jeff’s inspiration to get moving.  Our first flight for 2014 is planned for Knoxville in March, and we are looking forward to it very much.