January 21, 2014 Resource Reviews

Study and Research: I’m finished Redefining Airmanship, by Anthony Kern a few weeks ago, based on a recommendation in one of the magazines or sources I read. That same source said I absolutely had to read ‘A Personal Flyers Guide to More Enjoyable Flying (Koch)’ along with it – almost as a companion text. I wish I could remember where I read that recommendation, so I could pass along some feedback.

I had already commented on the fact that Redefining Airmanship was more like a textbook on an approach to aviation. I said it wasn’t a fun read, and I meant that. I’d say 90% of the book was common sense, but the other 10 % were good reminders and tips. Particularly, I have been recently focused on battling complacency, and after taking the time to ready this book, I have committed myself to Twin Comanche specific training later this year. It will keep my procedures fresh and practiced.

The second companion read was  ‘A Personal Flyers Guide to More Enjoyable Flying (Koch)’. That book had a slow start, followed by and interesting discussion of a senior aviators journey into a commercial airline. That lasted for the first 40% of the book, pulling me in with great interest until the next rough spell at the midpoint.  Now the author starts talking about his cohorts, and basically lists brief resumes on far too many consecutive pages. I skipped ahead and tried re-engaging this book at several points, but found the authors views about applying his ‘Aviation 2.0’ model to general aviation to be a bit dry.

Looking at the material presented, I don’t think the approach is warranted.  Rather than train GA pilots like a united airlines pilot, I think we need to train them like we are now.  Introduce scenarios half way or more through their training, and get them flying.  Concepts related to CRM should come later, and should be at the behest of the pilot being trained.

I’d pass on both of these novel / textbooks.

One final word.  AOPA Pilot for this month just blew me away.  I think maybe the new editor is stirring things up, because there were several articles in a row that I agreed and found useful.

Stay safe from the winter storm going on outside.  Fly safe when it passes.



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