Alaska Wing Men

Ridiculous. Though the fish spotting was interesting.

The narrator describes every landing as critical, and every crosswind as death defying. Holy cow – if he ever flew with me and talked about it, my wife would ground me.

Gimme a break. Reality TV is pure fiction.

Surprise Nice Day

Today I had committed to taking care of my equipment. I spend about 6 hours under and over the wings and fuselage, except the high part of the rudder I couldn’t reach. I cleaned it first, and waxed it second; and buffed it out third.


Wax Reflection

I thoroughly enjoyed the day, but it was a considerable amount of work. Having a hangar facing the runway is most definitley a bonus. Even the spinners got polished and came up looking good.

Friday off in the air

Took the day off when I saw the weather forecast yesterday.  Launched out of 33N after the fog cleared and visibility improved, and flew up to Lancaster  to do some ILS approaches in low visibility.  I didn’t get there in time for challenging conditions, but did get a few ILS approaches working with Harrisburg.

Stopped there only for a few minutes, and then picked up my clearance back to 33N.  From there I worked with Dover to get two ILS approaches to their Runway 01. Lots of traffic and a new controller; I enjoyed the work.  I ended the flight with a GPS27 to a full stop at 33N.

Airplane needed to be cleaned by this time, but I took the bike home and came back later to get that done. It felt good getting it spotless; including under the wings. Wax and crome nosecone polish is planned for tomorrow while I watch it rain from the comfort of my hangar.

Bev’s busy most of the day, so you’ll be able to find me this saturday at the airport.


Landing slowly…..


Flying the Twin Comanche has me routinely managing my approach speeds precisely right down over the runway threshold everytime. I have observed a number of pilots that seem to prefer landing at the slowest possible touchdown speeds on every landing. … Continue reading

Delta Fox is back and weekends are filling up…

Delta Fox is back online. The left prop issue was addressed by the overhaul shop and its back on the bird.

Flight instruction is picking up too. I have three pilots now looking for instruction that will get me out there flying on the weekends.

I really enjoyed that trip down to Florida riding Harleys. I must find time to get the bike out again soon.