Piedmont Update: Just coming off of a difficult two day trip. I was with an good Captain and Flight Attendant, but this was the first time I’d flown with each. Instead of making a good impression, my landings were off and I forgot a few things along the way. I attribute this lapse to three separate comments on my performance.

The first one I’ve mentioned already – I had a Captain keep moving his hand under the throttles during what I considered nice landings. His explanation was that the angle of attack speed bug showed me being too slow just prior to touchdown in a 300 series aircraft. That led me to change things, and incorporate the AOA indications in my scan in the final phases of landing. After playing with this for the last few trips, I think I was fine then, but should keep an eye on it in the 300 series. I’m going back to what I was doing before – that worked.

The second and third comments came from separate Captains in the form of sincere compliments. I’ve been hooked on this environment since I got here. To hear comments that indicated that my performance here was acceptable, or even above average for my limited experience, represented a major milestone for me. I was thrilled and called my wife each time. I know that I have an awful lot to learn, but there is hope that I’ll eventually get it.

Now I need to get back to normal and just do my best to remember all of my tasks – including the chimes the Flight Attendant needs to do his job.

PA30 Paint Project Update: I’ve been very patient with the problems I’ve encountered with this paint restoration. It was easy to be patient because I do believe that both shops (Dutchland Aviation and Lancaster Aero) are honorable; qualified; and doing their best to get through a challenging set of situations.

Today I am planning to fly my Twin Comanche from Georgetown, Delaware (KGED) up to Smoketown Airport (S37) in Lancaster, PA. The temperature is warming to the low 30’s, which is acceptable for a non-pre-heated start. Once there, the warped aileron will be replaced with an remanufactured one that has been updated with all the latest ADs. It has already been painted, I’m told.

I expect two or three test flights while there, and a high speed and straight and level flight back to Georgetown. This aircraft is beautiful, and I can’t wait to get it all squared away.

Fly Safe

By fdorrin

Contract corporate pilot and experienced instructor in the Gulfstream 280; WestWind; and Astra aircraft. Own and operate a beautifully restored PA30 Twin Comanche. CFII; MEI; ME-ATP; SES. Typed in DHC-8, B-25, IAI-1124, IAI1125, G100, G280. Retired Electrical Engineer, software developer, and Project Manager. Retired engineer / executive - Delmarva Power, Conectiv Energy, and PEPCO Holdings, Inc.