I’ve been distracted trying to deal with a cold since the 23rd, so I haven’t done much with the book project, nor the blogs. In fact, I felt bad even going to work on the last trip – exposing others to this damn thing. Work ethic, lots of anti-biotics, a probation year, and desire to keep flying won the coin toss. I went in, and stayed in my hotel rooms to continue recovering.

Since the awesome experiences don’t stop – there are a few new blogs I really want to write as time permits. I thought I’d start writing them down for now, and get to them when I can.:

  • Commercial CRM: – after the last trip with another unique personality, I learned more about myself. It wasn’t just this guy who lead me to an epithany, but his was the keystone experience that let to my ‘ah-ha’ moment. Turns out I brought roadblocks to commercial CRM from my single pilot experience. Not a bad thing at all – just requires understanding.
  • Buffalo, Watertown, and Newport News: – low approaches in snow, CRM discussions, landing in wind.
  • Flying the PA30 home / an airplane new to me. Dan had a similar experience with an Apache.
  • Old movies and books to read
  • Blue Max; battle of britain; 7 came back; war lovers (McQueen); High and the Mighty; No Highway in the sky;
  • flying the PA30 again. Finally just for fun
  • Getting ready for CQ and starting to plan what’s next

By fdorrin

Contract corporate pilot and experienced instructor in the Gulfstream 280; WestWind; and Astra aircraft. Own and operate a beautifully restored PA30 Twin Comanche. CFII; MEI; ME-ATP; SES. Typed in DHC-8, B-25, IAI-1124, IAI1125, G100, G280. Retired Electrical Engineer, software developer, and Project Manager. Retired engineer / executive - Delmarva Power, Conectiv Energy, and PEPCO Holdings, Inc.