May 5, 2015 – Space Shuttle and other approaches

Just back from a good trip. Charlotte, Lynchburg, Columbia, Charlottesville, Philadelphia, and back home. It was a three day trip that went smoothly in clear VFR.

Haven’t been in the 300’s for awhile, so it was good to get back to flying them. Love having RNAV and maps on my side again.

My landings were exciting. I flew closer to standards down near the threshold and my landings improved. Go figure. Mostly greasers, and that has been awhile. Watched the Captain fly landings and used that to further improve on the flat profile landings. The urge to flare is hard to surpress, but isn’t really needed in the 300’s.

The best landing profile (most fun) was when approach kept us very high for an incoming King Air on approach to RW12 to Charlottesville. We spotted him and were cleared while still at 4000′. Rather than descend straight ahead, I turned base close in and wanted to use the amazing characteristics of this airplane to descend rapidly down to the threshold.

While I was doing this entirely safe maneuver, the Captain kept an eye on my profile, while keeping the ground proximity warnings from going off. Love the support you get as you figure this all out.

My touchdown out of this steep approach was slick – slipped it right in there.

Ten months along now – so I’m studying for my CQ over the next few months. Having fun in the meantime.

Fly safe