May 13, 2015 – Surprise Checkride!

Landing in Philly, I was greeted by a check airman I knew as I ran in for coffee….

Flying with a good Captain yesterday, he volunteered to do my walk-around in order to let me go get a cup of coffee. Nice guy.

As I entered Terminal F, I ran into another very experienced instructor/pilot/check airman that I first met in Charlotte. He informs me that it is our turn for a check-ride, and that he’ll be riding with us out to Buffalo and back. I asked him if he’d like coffee, but he declined. While I wasn’t nervous at all, I did stumble a few times during the flight knowing that he was watching and listening.

The Captain was completely squared away, even though he has only been a captain for a few months. He has his act together.  The check airman is a likable guy. We talked about my Twin Comanche and the future here at Piedmont.

Level and out of sterile cockpit – The Captain’s books are evaluated and come up perfect. I’m absolutely sure mine are done right, but end up with a few non-fatal issues. I was missing the logging of one update in my Pilot Operating Handbook (when you insert new pages, you have to note that you did), and my Flight Operations Manual needed expired Alert Bulletins removed. I was gently scolded and cleaned it up right there. Not a big deal in the scheme of things, but I’m bummed.

My flying was evaluated on the way from PHL to BUF, and my Pilot Monitoring skills on the way back. The Captain’s procedures on each leg in each role were also evaluated. Both of us came up fine as we did crosswind landings at our respective airports.

Weather for this trip has been amazing VFR with an estimated 80nm visibility.