May 27, 2015 – Weather Radar and steep visual approaches

This was my leg, and we just landed in Williamsport, PA after using radar to weave our way through a developing line of storms.image My landings on this one and my other leg were two of the best squeakers I have had in awhile. I just watched what the Captain was doing and tweaked my technique.

To get through the line, we used the radar along with our own eyes to avoid the worst cells. This experience adds to skills I’ve attained on my own, and will be invaluable later on when I’m calling the shots in the Dash.

After penetrating this line – we found ourselves at 9000′ with the airport in sight on the north side of a ridge line. We were cleared for the visual and the amazing Dash-8 was at it again.  Working with solid CRM with the Captain, we performed a steep approach for a visual 24 – backed up by the ILS 24. It was so much fun working hand-in-hand to get this landing done that I had to write about it as soon as I got in.

I wish you could see what I see – it’s amazing up there.  This flight ranked about an 8 on my go out and have fun scale.

Fly Safe and have fun!