Aug 8, 2019 – Avionics Challenge

This blog and others like it represent the updates I’ve been sending to my teammates as I go through the training required to get a type rating in the Gulfstream G280 corporate jet. These are intended to help them understand how the training is structured, and be even more prepared than I was.

As the GFS avionics simulator was introduced, I realized that my single biggest challenge at this point will be avionics. Most everyone here has prior experience, so I’m going to be running hard to keep up. It won’t be impossible, but it will be easy.

It’d be great if we could get a DTS set up in Wilmington right now, so incoming instructors can be better prepared.

For now – I recommend that you download all of the avionics presentations (1-5) and spend time with them.  Also use iFlightDeck to review button functions. It isn’t a substitute for real-world experience, but it is a good start.

Note that I would have had a tough time JUST doing this to learn the avionics, but they are core and critical to flying this airplane. What I mean to say is, that passing my checkride will require that I be efficient in setting up the airplane and running checklists, and that I be able to readily re-configure the avionics on the fly.
I think many of you will have a leg up with your other aircraft experience, whereas going from Westwind / Astra to this is a big change.
Follow up after spending a few hours training myself: I didn’t mean to panic anyone with the avionics thing. If you don’t get the DTS, you’ll do fine, but I had to work pretty hard to catch up to where everyone else already was before they got here. I’m feeling better now after figuring out what to read and using the DTS for a few hours each day before class. If you can get a DTS set up in our offices, I’ll take the time to show you what I’m talking about.
The DTS executable is downloadable, but I’m sure they have it security locked down. I haven’t tried it on a windows machine yet, but I’m fairly certain it won’t work outside of FSI.
I brought the presentations down with me off of the server, so it helps to review those before class. I come in early and use the DTS to run through engine starts and figure out flows and where switches are. FMS is today, and I think I’ll find the DTS and GFS lacking. There are only two GFS units available for up to 24 clients, so I don’t plan on relying on them. I might come in on my day off, but the DTS does the same thing for me.
The pace is fast, but with a bit of effort I’ll get through it.
Fly Safe!