Aug 13, 2019 – Post Performance Training

This blog and others like it represent the updates I’ve been sending to my teammates as I go through the training required to get a type rating in the Gulfstream G280 corporate jet. These are intended to help them understand how the training is structured, and be even more prepared than I was.

Ok guys,

I had high hopes for a much better approach to learning jet performance in this course. That didn’t happen, unfortunately. The day long review was all over the place, and even the guys who fly jets everyday had trouble tracking where the instructor was going. If I can spin you up in advance, it will be easier on you and you can help your classmates when you get here.
The good news is that I ran into another instructor downstairs at the hotel. [He is a more experienced jet pilot/instructor than I am, and is a qualified G280 instructor on our team already]. I sat with him for an hour or so, and he gave me useful guidance on how to get through this. He advised me not to stay up studying for the written test, and told me it was done just like we’d typically do up north. Every question will be reviewed before we go.¬† I spent a few hours going over the limitation and oral gouge last night anyway, and again this morning. I’ll be ready.
This instructor also gave me a guide to the Performance calculations; namely where to find the information we needed for these scenarios. I spent¬† some time this morning adding bookmarks to PlaneBook and following his examples. Tonight I’ll work on the performance for SIM01 in advance. Introduction to the SIM is tomorrow – SIT01.
[Redacted two paragraphs based on feedback…..]
Heading out to Dallas Love field this morning to see a G280 airframe that just arrived green. Lunch at Billy Bob’s and then back here for the written test.
14 days before I go home.