Aug 15, 2019 – Evening Update SIM01

This blog and others like it represent the updates I’ve been sending to my teammates as I go through the training required to get a type rating in the Gulfstream G280 corporate jet. These are intended to help them understand how the training is structured, and be even more prepared than I was.

Hey guys,

Today we did SIM01 on motion. Similar to yesterday, but the motion helped. Allot. Based on yesterdays experience I woke up thinking I would be wobbling the wings all the way down to the runway, and have trouble over-controlling all day. If that was the case, I knew it’d only get worse with each session.
My steep turns were much better, but still don’t think I was within parameters. Instructor (H.P.) tells me I was within standards and we could move on, so I’ll accept that I’ll improve enough as we go. I did a takeoffs, landings, ILS and a bunch of other things that he also was happy with, so I’ll take it. Note: I think he has an open mind due to my lack of jet experience. Learning is happening.
I had dinner with my partner last night, and again tonight. We did well together today, and are making an effort to get through this together. I’m learning from him, and that is good. He is an instructor by nature and putting him in that role for me smoothed everything out.
The FSI instructor made that happen through a frank discussion with the two of us at the start – you have to work together to make this happen. It worked. We are.
Tonight I’ll study limitations from the AFM. Apparently the check-ride looks at that, and particularly at the notes within the limitations I’m told. Tomorrow I will meet my sim partner in the morning, and we’ll chair fly call outs for takeoff, ILS, and non-precision approaches.
I’m looking forward to a day off Sunday, and the start of my last week here. I miss my wife and I am looking forward to going home.
Feeling better, but I’m no rock star.