June 30, 2013 Simulator Work

Spent my day working in the basement on the simulator room. Hung about 10 sheets of drywall successfully, based on what I learned watching Scot.  Cleaned up the work area and did some electric work as well to improve work area lighting.

Next – I haven’t been flying much, so I hit the simulator (still upstairs) to perform approaches into Low Country airport (KRBW) and Kissimmee (KISM). I used actual weather to represent the storm cells moving through now, and the challenging weather enroute.  This 10 year old (or more) simulator is still every bit amazing. Current version syncs to the iPad and really improves the experience.

Holds – intercepts – three RNAV approaches – one ILS approach. Everyone to minimums.  I’m felling ready …  now if we could just get the airplane through annual we’ll be good.