September 2, 2013 – SR22 Flight

I’ll be doing a BFR for Matt in a few weeks, so that is cool. It would be nice to have an instrument student again, but I really don’t have the time with this workload. That should change. Working hard at work – too hard.

My airplane is not quite there yet either, waiting for a stainless steel hinge assembly to get back in the air.

Labor Day was a series of changed plans and redirections. I did, however, have an excellent chance to get back into an SR22 for some weather flying on Sunday. Mike stopped down to pick me up at Georgetown, where I met his friend Tom R. Tom arrived in an airplane that used to be on the flight line up at Dawn Aviation, and I flew that airplane on at least one checkride. Small – very small – world.

Mike and I flew out of GED over to ACY, where we flew two ILS 13’s with full automation. I think the Avidyne systems will come back to me with a few more flights, and I look forward to the new challenges.

I find it interesting that the SR22 and the PA30 are very close in performance. I think the SR22 might edge me out with the ICE system, but I think I have longer legs and another engine instead of a parachute. I’m guessing, back of the envelope, that operating costs will be similar. I’ll learn more as I go.

How many days til Oskosh again?